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Triumph Over Trauma

trauma1Does Your Suffering Feel Like Symptoms of Trauma?

Given my years of witnessing people’s suffering, I’ve come to believe that many negative experiences warrant being identified as trauma. I recognize the symptoms that keep people from being content with themselves and their present relationships. These often result from having lived hateful, painful, demeaning relationships or direct damage to physical safety and psychological health.

Defenses come into play so that life can go on. Often people don’t realize that what’s happened in their past might be the ghosts that haunt their present lives. These defenses keep people from trusting and closeness. They alter their perception of themselves and the world. These very defenses keep them from the happiness they so desperately seek. And, unconsciously they choose to relate to people who repeat the undesired treatment they wanted to escape.

How many people who were abused, raged at, suffered neglect as children choose partners who maintain the pattern of abuse? Research confirms this information and makes us all wonder why? Unconscious identification with the abuser may be one reason. It is also what is familiar.

Sometimes the effects lie just under the surface of consciousness. Even the tiniest of stimuli may arouse negative mental or bodily reactions. Unresolved trauma may affect every aspect of your life.

Examples of Cases Paula Has Treated

A woman, who is an incest survivor, weeps in despair as she tells me she has never had a sexual relationship without guilt and shame. Her husband finds her to be a cold and reluctant partner.

Paula Susan uses the most powerful tools such as EMDR and HAT to shorten therapy and allow for the deep healing.

A couple bitterly recounts how their relationship has been shattered by the affair he had with a co-worker who now threatens to ruin his career if he doesn’t leave his wife.

A couple lost their young child. Each is mourning differently. They are angry, depressed and distant. They are at great risk of losing their relationship with each other.

Since I am addicted to learning (that’s not a bad addiction unless I am neglecting other aspects of my traumalife, which I am not,) I continue to seek training with the brilliant masters in this field. The one method that has had a dramatic life-altering effect on me as well as my clients is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.) Francine Shapiro, research scientist, created this dynamic and highly effective treatment – originally for single incident trauma. Since 1991 when I studied with her, I have made it my own by integrating it with everything I know. It is a direct path to the core of the problem and begins the healing as we work. It has transformed my way of bringing resolution to my clients unhappiness.

Now that I am also a HAT (Heart Assisted Therapy) practitioner, I have learned yet an another amazing way to heal at the heart of the issues.

Talk Therapy vs. EMDR & HAT Dynamic Short Term Therapy

For me, long-term talk therapy is obsolete; the results can’t compare to the results from integrating EMDR and HAT. Continually reliving painful memories often makes them more entrenched. Instead EMDR, HAT and the other therapies, in which I am certified, dramatically eliminate the damaging effects of trauma. Some experts say that because of the plasticity of the brain, new healthy neuronal connections are made using this simple process.

Learning Coping Skills for Your Life

I will teach you many ways to enhance your own ability to cope with stress in your life, skills such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Breathing, Alternate Hand EMDR, Mindfulness, and importantly, how to effectively communicate in your relationships. Believe me, if you have been suffering, those with whom you relate are affected too.

Life can be different. I feel proud of what I offer people today. If you are suffering, stop and call 609-975-8845. I look forward to speaking with you to understand your needs.

How to Identify Trauma Related Symptoms

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, then consider how they interfere with your life. Then think about how different you would feel if you addressed them and healed.

  • Overwhelming emotions
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of sense of who you are
  • Decreased concentration
  • Self-destructive behavior
  • Numbingloss of interest
  • Feeling unreal/out of body
  • Irritability
  • Substance abuse/eating disorders
  • Chronic pain/headaches
  • Hyper vigilance/mistrust/on guard
  • Nightmares/flashbacks
  • Little or no memories
  • Shame/self-loathing
  • Intense angry reactions/rages
  • Verbal abuse/physical abuse of others
  • Inability to maintain emotional closeness
  • Sexual issues/lack of interest or hyper sexual
  • Inability to enjoy life
  • Unresolved grief

Call for a confidential phone conversation. See if you would like me to help. 609-975-8845.

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A Message From Paula Susan

During this terrible crisis and isolation, Paula Susan, Trauma and Relationship Specialist since 1982, is here to help you.  We can speak through telephone or Zoom and I will do counseling  that can transform your life.  Traumas - big and little - change the way we feel about ourselves, each other and the world.

I continue to study with the masters in my field.  And, I have integrated the most valuable ways of healing different issues, into the EMDR which I have creatively made my own.

You can reach me at 609-975-8845  and, please check out my website at paulasusan.com (About Life Counseling)