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Choosing the Best Therapist for Relationship Issues




Honestly, it blows my mind that people are so afraid to confront the things that bother them in their relationships.  Some keep their mouths shut because they are afraid to be met with a firestorm.  Some don’t know how to discuss their unhappiness.  Some were brought up to keep quiet –  Don’t argue –

Do what you are told.


So, what happens?  Resentments build over time, and there are consequences that will lead to disaster in your relationships:  Periodic blow-ups, not wanting to be home, not being able to participate fully in sexual intimacy, some lead to affairs or divorce.  There have even been cases which lead to murder.  When anger builds, anything can happen.


Good therapy, with a good therapist can change your life.  That may mean a few less dinners out and postponing Broadway shows.  But, it will be so worth it!  The results of the therapy will be that you will have what it takes to build a happy life.


I have 38 years of experience.  That is not just counseling people in my office. It is also all the readings and all the trainings that I have done and continue to do.  I am up-to-date on the myriad methods to alleviate suffering.   I teach an amazing method to express yourselves to one other.  I have the skills to deeply heal the wounds of your life which keep you from knowing lasting love and the emotional connection that is necessary for intimacy and a life worth living.


Read my website and give me a call. We can talk and see if we fit for working together.

Paula Susan, MSW, LCSW is a Relationship and Trauma Specialist in Southern New Jersey who has been counseling couples and individuals for over 33 years.

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Neurolinguistics and more.

Certified Relationship Specialist

Heal Relationships
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Gay and Lesbian Challenges:
How to transcend them

Sexual Issues:
Release from dogma to freedom,
from passive to responsive

Hearing and being heard -
real connection

Resolve Trauma
Certified by American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress: Big and Small Trauma,
Incest, Tragedy, Sexual Violation,
Grieving, Chronic Illness

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Paula was a guest on the weekly WGLS-fm Rowan Radio Show
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Topics Discussed:

  • How Relationships Can Be Compromised Due to Stress
  • The Economy's Impact on Relationships
  • And More...

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A Message From Paula Susan

During this terrible crisis and isolation, Paula Susan, Trauma and Relationship Specialist since 1982, is here to help you.  We can speak through telephone or Zoom and I will do counseling  that can transform your life.  Traumas - big and little - change the way we feel about ourselves, each other and the world.

I continue to study with the masters in my field.  And, I have integrated the most valuable ways of healing different issues, into the EMDR which I have creatively made my own.

You can reach me at 609-975-8845  and, please check out my website at paulasusan.com (About Life Counseling)