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Hello, I’m Paula Susan


image002Hello. Welcome to my web site.
Are you looking for a therapist? I hope this information will help you make the decision to do something about your unhappiness, and that you will choose me to be your healer and guide to a full and rewarding life.


Evolving over my own lifetime, having grown beyond my own painful challenges, I am now joyful, feeling my aliveness and channeling my love for healing to my clients. I bring a wealth of life experience and years of accumulated knowledge to them. My wisdom, and my love and respect for people in their struggle, make me a good therapist. And you will be walking a path with someone who has walked it herself.

Even in my third decade of counseling, I remain passionate about my work. It is immensely gratifying to facilitate the changes possible in some of the most challenging cases imaginable.

My work and my relationships are sacred to me. The finite time we all have on earth is valuable and I have made it my commitment to help my clients live a quality life – one well-lived with compassion, acceptance, and clarity. Your positive therapy experience can move you onto the right path and into a life worthy of your loving.



Many professionals seek my confidential help for themselves and their families. I treat each person as an intelligent grown-up who deserves my honesty and educated assessment. My office is a safe place in which to heal and grow.

For unresolved feelings of emotional pain, anxiety, anger, and trauma, for the disappointment and loneliness of bad marriages and relationships, call me: 609-975-8845.

I am a good choice to guide you to a place of happiness. I’m there. I know how.


What would it feel like to you if you were to develop the courage to live authentically? To know how to ask for what you want, and to say your truth, without offending others?

This takes understanding, of yourself, of your way of interpreting the world, and of the people around you. It has been said that we read the world wrong and then we are angry. It really is about our perceptions – the meaning we give to what we hear and see.

Each of us brings unfinished pieces of ourselves from very different life experiences, belief systems embedded deeply within us. For example, verbal abuse instills low self-esteem. Your individual family culture taught you to be trusting or to be perpetually hyper-vigilant; whether to express feelings or to suffer silently; to be undeserving or to feel entitled; to blend in or to become the target of another person’s unhappiness and anger. It matters what we have lived. We are profoundly marked by those experiences.

The scary thing is that we often replicate what has been painful by choosing partners who will continue the style in which we were raised. An angry father may be reproduced in the angry husband. Healing ourselves before we commit to relationships would make the most sense. Somehow, we’re not smart enough to know that. However, the growth that happens within the context of relationship counseling creates a beautiful bond of understanding and compassion. It can make all the difference.

I will help make conscious what you are not able to see – the blind spots we all have. Some of these have influenced the way you relate to the world and the people in your life. Often, these are the obstacles that keep us from having the life and relationships we want.

As a result of the healing, you will learn how to give and to receive love.

The Chinese symbol for crisis is also the same for opportunity. I like and believe in that connection. Whether you are healing trauma or relationships, you will move into the rest of your life with a realistic sense of who you are and how to attract the things in life that will fulfill you. If the “crisis” didn’t motivate you to get help, you might have lived a mediocre life, never knowing what could have been.


Many therapists believe they can treat any problem their clients bring to them. I do not! My extensive education in the areas in which I specialize gives me a depth of understanding and skills to offer my clients that transform their lives.

And, because of the cutting-edge training I continue to seek, I am able to do deep work in short dynamic therapy time. In my office, old-fashioned long-term talk therapy is obsolete. How long the therapy process depends on the needs of the particular client.


Having spent some time on the phone with you and perhaps your partner as well, my hope is that you will enter your first therapy session with – anticipation and excitement for what is possible!

My design for our first meeting will give me a sense of who you are and how you experience your present life. If you are coming in as a couple, I will have you fill in The Inventory that will offer me an overview of how you view yourselves and your relationship. I’ll ask you to bring this to our first meeting

With your goals my priority, I will share my view of our process and together we will determine if we are a good fit.

You will have some material to take home and preparation to do for our next session. This will allow us to quickly get into the healing work. When I am seeing couples, I will spend time with each of you as well as together. My training affords me the skills to do that in the service of healing the most critical, complex aspects of relationship.

Now we have launched a journey that promises to fulfill. Look on it as a vitally important education about who you really are and your potential to create a wonderful life.


My promise is that our journey will be briefer than typical talk therapies. With my skills and those I teach, we will accomplish dynamic healing that will free you from self-destructive patterns. You will know how to make healthy decisions. That is what I call successful results!

Research has shown that insight and intellectual understanding are NOT enough to do the job. Years of talk therapies have proven that for many people. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is powerfully effective and efficient at facilitating treatment goals. I have made the process my own by integrating this method with all of the learning over my many decades as a clinician and have integrated HAT (Heart Assisted Therapy) into my practice as well. You will learn different coping skills such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for the many challenges of living.

A successful outcome of your experience with me will be the peace you feel and how you relate to your life. How different it will be to experience yourself giving and receiving love from a place of grace and generosity. Anger, shame, and loneliness will dissipate. Now you will be in a position to create the best kind of life for yourself.

And, the legacy you leave to your children! Every aspect of your life will be influenced by what you have learned and healed. You will know the freedom that comes from living authentically in the world.

Paula Susan uses the most powerful tools such as EMDR and HAT to shorten therapy and allow for the deep healing.

Some of the Training that Informs my Therapy Style

In addition to my masters degrees in Clinical Social Work and Psychology, my craft as a therapist has been greatly influenced by continual learning from the brilliant, creative minds in the field of human nature. I am convinced that the more open I am to the myriad approaches to healing, the better able I am to help the very different people who seek relief from their suffering.

Relationships are complex. Good therapy demands a therapist who can see the big picture, while working with the human beings in immediate, sometimes crippling, emotional pain. They need to feel safe and understood. Then we move into what can be.

I call myself “eclectic”. In the field since 1982, I have absorbed a lot of knowledge, and when I am sitting in front of someone, my wisdom, my humanity are there in the healing.

I have chosen to specialize in Relationship/Marriage and Trauma Therapy, and have training in:

  • Integrative Psychotherapy
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Brief Dynamic Therapy
  • Imago Relationship Therapy
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • EMDR- Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
  • HAT – Heart Assisted Therapy
  • Attachment Based Therapy
  • Guided Imagery
  • Some Gestalt Therapy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Reality Therapy
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Journaling
  • Rational Emotive Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Rogerian Therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Some Psychodrama

And the list will continue to grow because of my commitment to offer my clients the best available healing techniques. Besides, I love learning!

Masters in Social Work and Psychology
- Relationship & Trauma
- Specialist Since 1982
- Expert in EMDR

Dynamic Therapy

Training & Certifications in Energy
Psychology, Cognitive/Behavioral,
EMDR, HAT, EFT, Hypnotherapy,
Neurolinguistics and more.

Certified Relationship Specialist

Heal Relationships
To separate or grow beyond

Gay and Lesbian Challenges:
How to transcend them

Sexual Issues:
Release from dogma to freedom,
from passive to responsive

Hearing and being heard -
real connection

Resolve Trauma
Certified by American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress: Big and Small Trauma,
Incest, Tragedy, Sexual Violation,
Grieving, Chronic Illness

Clinical Depression,

Consultation to

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Paula was a guest on the weekly WGLS-fm Rowan Radio Show
Your Health Matters with Dr. Craig Wax
Topics Discussed:

  • How Relationships Can Be Compromised Due to Stress
  • The Economy's Impact on Relationships
  • And More...

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Empowering Ourselves Interview

A Message From Paula Susan

During this terrible crisis and isolation, Paula Susan, Trauma and Relationship Specialist since 1982, is here to help you.  We can speak through telephone or Zoom and I will do counseling  that can transform your life.  Traumas - big and little - change the way we feel about ourselves, each other and the world.

I continue to study with the masters in my field.  And, I have integrated the most valuable ways of healing different issues, into the EMDR which I have creatively made my own.

You can reach me at 609-975-8845  and, please check out my website at paulasusan.com (About Life Counseling)