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Masters in Social Work
and Psychology

- Relationship and Trauma
Specialist since 1982
- Expert in EMDR

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Short-Term Dynamic Therapy
Training & Certifications in Energy Psychology
Cognitive/Behavioral, E.M.D.R., E.F.T., Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistics and more.

Certified Relationship Specialist

Heal Relationships
 To separate or grow beyond
Gay and Lesbian Challenges:
 How to transcend them
Sexual Issues:
 Release from dogma to freedom,  from passive to responsive
 Hearing and being heard -
 real connection

Resolve Trauma
Board Certified

Incest, Tragedy, Sexual Violation, Grieving, Chronic Illness

Clinical Depression, Anxiety

Support/Growth Groups/ Workshops, Supervision & Consultation to Professionals

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Paula was a guest on the weekly WGLS-fm Rowan Radio Show
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Topics Discussed:

  • How Relationships Can Be Compromised Due to Stress
  • The Economy's Impact on Relationships
  • And More...

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Transformation through brief dynamic therapy.
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Are you experiencing:

Relationship or Marriage Problems?
Affairs • Communication • Betrayal

If your relationship has lost its intimacy and fun, learn a way to communicate that fosters closeness and forgiveness, resolve old resentments through state-of-the-art methods which go beyond talk therapy, heal betrayals such as infidelity, deal with anxiety, depression, anger, put passion back into loving and sex.

People have been bringing me their most intimate concerns for more than three decades. In brief, dynamic therapy I can help.

Reactions to Trauma?
Anxiety • Anger • Shame

An experience which negatively alters one’s sense of self and the world, is a trauma. Memories are stored in the body and the unconscious, effecting the quality of life. Symptoms such as anxiety, rage, insecurity, low self-esteem, inability to form intimate relationships, are often a result of some form of abuse. Deep suffering from issues such as grief, loss and divorce, can be resolved.

Brief, dynamic therapy and state-of-the-art methods, go far beyond just talking about it, and can offer you a new lease on your life.

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Here’s how to find an effective therapist to help you make things right in your life.
If you call, ask him or her these questions and note the answers in the last column.

Is the therapist specifically trained, certified, and experienced in working with the many-layered complexities of Relationships and effects of Trauma?
Do you have the opportunity to make a connection with the therapist to discuss your needs, before you make your appointment? Does the therapist seem interested and concerned?
If you want help with your relationship, will you have the opportunity to see the therapist alone as well as together?
Will the therapist teach you a communication tool that will enable you and your partner to speak to each other in a respectful, productive way?
Is the therapist certified and skilled in the use of EMDR* (see Trauma) to facilitate deep healing for both Trauma and Relationships, as opposed to talk therapy, which often becomes a long-term experience?
Will the therapist teach you coping skills for immediate use, while the therapy work is being done in session?
Will homework be used to keep you thinking and help reduce the number of office sessions?
What is the therapist's style? Is it one of active involvement where you get feedback and guidance, rather than passive listening?
If you decide to end a troubled relationship, will you be able to understand and break old patterns and leave without carrying damaging scars? Will you be guided to alternative ways to end it respectfully, maintaining the growth you made in the therapy?

Now you have a basis for comparison.
In selecting a therapist, remember you are making one of the most important investments in your life.


Feel free to call for a confidential conversation.

*Eye Movement Desensitation and Reprocessing


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